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KTV, which stands for Kantipur Television, is a private TV station in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kailash Sirohiya is the chairman and managing director of the company. Shishir Pachhai is in charge of Kantipur Television as its CEO. KTV went on the air in July 2002 and is licenced for both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. Please click button below to watch live Kantipur Tv.

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On July 12, 2017, KTV marked its 14th birthday. Since February 2015, the company has run a sister channel called Kantipur Gold. But Kantipur Gold was taken off the air in December 2016. During the anniversary, awards were given to many journalists and the best employees of the company. Since December 14, 2017, the network has been broadcasting in HD. On March 19, 2021, Kantipur Television and the largest movie distributor and digital partner in Nepal, Highlights Nepal, launched Kantipur Cineplex HD, a new TV station in Nepal that only shows films.

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